Riverdale Art Walk

It’s time to get out and feast your eyes on the first major art show of the season in Toronto

Shout out goes the Artists’ Network for bringing us the 19th annual Riverdale Art Walk. Exhibitors are both established and emerging arts who you can chat with on site. You can plan your route using the Gallery Guide for a sample of the artists’ work and artists’statement and exhibitor map at Art Walk Guide or,  just stroll around or just wonder around see what catches your eye or moves your heart.  Pace yourself and be prepared to bask in the company of the over 20,000 art enthusiast that come to this event.

Where: Jimmie Simpson Park Recreation Centre, 870 Queen St E, Toronto, ON M4M 3G9.

When: June  3 and 4 , 2017 11am–6pm.

Cost: free to walk around and look. Every exhibitor has works for sale.  Prices range from lower cost art cards and small prints to higher priced works.  Food and beverages are available for purchase on site.  You are allowed to bring and consume your own if you wish.

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