Cabbagetown Awaits You

See Architecture and History,

Charming Shops and Cafes for All Tastes

See the largest collection of Victorian era architecture in North America here in central Toronto. Use this “Map & Tips On Where To Start” which also has a comprehensive list of notable former Cabbagetown people and a self guided walking tour of streets with their homes.  Also visit the historic Riverdale Farm, always free, open 9am to 5pm every day of the year including holidays.

Where: map of the area is as on the Cabbagetown website.

When: any time you are in mood to explore this unique part of our amazing city.  Of course if you want to shop or eat, it’s best to get during regular retail hours.

Cost:  free to explore and stroll through, tastes from around the world to eat and shopping in a small town vibe are there to purchase and savor.


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