Toronto Celebrates Canada’s 150th

 Dozens of Canada 150 Celebrations the First Weekend of July and  Beyond Check out the line up of Canada Day celebrations going on in our Toronto.  We love history, walking tours, multiculturalism, food, dance, film, music, of course fireworks and so much more.  The celebrations extend well beyond this one weekend we gather to rejoice in having this amazing place to call home. Where: Throughout … Continue reading Toronto Celebrates Canada’s 150th

Luminato Starts Soon

Innovative and Edgy Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Music and Experimental Culture Take Over Toronto at Luminato! Just when you think you have seen it all, come to Luminato to experience wonder and rapture of culture beyond anything you have experienced or imagined before.  Hands down this is one of my favorite festivals of the year.  Luminato has a staggering more than 3,000 performances, with 11,000 … Continue reading Luminato Starts Soon

Wellness and Support Programs and Services for Everyone in Ontario

Community Health Centres throughout Ontario provide a wide range of programs to  improve physical, emotional, social and economic well being of individuals Centres also connect people to medical services and other programs. These are some the programs and services they may offer: managing chronic disease nutrition artiistic expression for stress reduction living well in community with mental illness laughter for wellness gathering with fellow knitters practicing English … Continue reading Wellness and Support Programs and Services for Everyone in Ontario

British Columbia Teen Inventor Named Forbes 30 Under 30

Thanks to  Wanyee Li of Metro for telling this story of a Canadian teenager’s incredible achievement. “Canadian inventor Ann Makosinski can now add Forbes 30 Under 30 to the long list of accolades she has collected since she won the 2013 Google Science Fair as a 15-year old. The second-year UBC student, who invented a flashlight powered by the heat of a human hand and a cell-phone charging mug, says … Continue reading British Columbia Teen Inventor Named Forbes 30 Under 30

Good News: Teen Does Good

Teen noticed and helped lost boy alone on a public transit bus See and read this CBC news story about this teen who reached out to get vulnerable child to safety.  The boy, Confidence Eluozor, had only been in Canada 3 days when he got separated from his older sisters who had been on the same bus. There is such goodness in youth in Canada.  We … Continue reading Good News: Teen Does Good

Canada Turns 150 and RBC Gives $150

In honor of Canada’s 150 birthday coming up in 2017, RBC is giving youth support to make this great country even better! RBC is giving youth in Canada between the ages of 16 and 25 who are not immediate family members of RBC employees $150 each to do with as they chose to make a social impact and make Canada better.  Here’s a link  the application.  Go for … Continue reading Canada Turns 150 and RBC Gives $150

National Book and Magazine Festival is Coming Soon!

For the love of good books and magazines from a diverse range of fiction and non-fiction genres come to The Word on the Street Festival at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Meet and hear authors, take part in TVOKids Live!; learn about writing, media and getting published; enjoy the time to imagine and think. Where: Harbourfront Centre, 235 Queens Quay W,for event locations see the festival map. … Continue reading National Book and Magazine Festival is Coming Soon!

Know More Science Now!

Medicine, Health, Nature and Much More for Science is Here for Learning For all in Toronto and Mississauga, the Royal Canadian Institute for Science exists to help increase the scientific literacy of society. Check the lecture schedule to see what they have on offer to find what may be of interest to you and your family.  Talks are one hour hour followed by a question … Continue reading Know More Science Now!

Active Toronto

Active Life in Toronto Free for All Toronto Public Health has put together a calendar of free activities and events for your active lifestyle.  From yoga, guided walks, music festivals, gardening and much in the great outdoors, there is something for people of all ages and abilities.  Search by type of activity. Where: various locations across Toronto. Search by location. When:  something going on everyday. … Continue reading Active Toronto