Wellness and Support Programs and Services for Everyone in Ontario

Community Health Centres throughout Ontario provide a wide range of programs to  improve physical, emotional, social and economic well being of individuals

Centres also connect people to medical services and other programs. These are some the programs and services they may offer:

  • managing chronic disease
  • nutrition
  • artiistic expression for stress reduction
  • living well in community with mental illness
  • laughter for wellness
  • gathering with fellow knitters
  • practicing English language skills
  • managing stress
  • getting referral to affordable housing and other housing issues
  • exercise programs for youth, expectant mothers, seniors and others

Most programs require advance registration and a few are drop-in. Check the location near you to find out what is offered at your Community Health Centre.

Where: at Community Health Centres throughout Ontario, find a location near you.

When: most centres are open daytime, and some evenings and Saturday. Find your location and check their Hours of Operation.

Cost: Most programs are free of cost, check the Programs and Services at the location near you to see if there are any fees for the program you are interested,

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