Good Fresh Food, Great Prices

Get Fresh Vegetables and Fruits at Prices Significantly Lower than Supermarkets

Good Food Box has been around across Canada since 1990. This non-profit volunteer run organization was founded on the belief that everyone has the right to good food.  Priority for sourcing quality produce is what is local and sustainable.  In Toronto alone, 1500 boxes per week are packed and picked up. I have used this program in other cities in Canada.  Check with the program to see if there is a location near you in Toronto or elsewhere in Canada. If you would like to establish a distribution center in your apartment building, or a public building such as a faith or community center near you,  contact the program to see how you can get this going.  If your get more than 10 orders on an ongoing basis at your new location, you will get your box free!

Boxes come in a variety of sizes from individual to family, variety of contents from just fruit to mixed fruit and vegetables, and in ‘regular’ or organic.  Order must be done more than a week in advance of pick up.This brochure has further details of the box choices, how to order, and the program.

Where:  there are currently 109 pick up locations in Toronto. Contact orders at or 416-363-6441 x275 to find the best location near you.

When:  pick at most locations is every 2 weeks. Contact orders at or 416-363-6441 x275 to find out pick up hours for your chosen location.

Cost: as of December 2016 cost varies from $13 to $34 depending on the box selected.  See the brochure for current prices.


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