Meditation for World Peace

Experience Ways of Finding Peace in Your Own Mind and Loving Kindness Towards Everyone Ths meditation is Buddhist teaching at the Kadampa Meditation Centre based on the book Eight Steps to Happiness: the Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness.  You need not be a Buddhist nor be interested becoming one to participate.  You may just come away from this experience with a calmness needed in our … Continue reading Meditation for World Peace

Twiddle Muffs???

Busy Hands Can Calm the Mind What started as a search for a worthwhile project for a volunteer knitting group at St. Joseph’s in London, Ontario, is resulting in whimsical colorful creations called twiddle muffs that soothe and calm people with dementia.  Read all about it.  Watch a group of ladies in St John, New Brunswick make and talk about their work and the meaning … Continue reading Twiddle Muffs???