Canadian Banking Seeks More Than 2,000 Employees!

Opportunities await at all of Canada’s five big banks right now

Jobs in banking and financial services need to be filled in major cities and smaller communities across Canada. To better represent the people of this country, they are seeking candidates who are French/English bilingual, Metis, First Nations and Inuit. However, people of all backgrounds are welcome to apply. Most of careers are in the following business functions, with numerous job titles and specializations within these functions.

  • customer relationships- advisor, planning, customer service and branch managers
  • finance and accounting
  • IT- business analyst, developers, security, product engineering and process architects
  • data science and data analytics
  • sales and marketing
  • security and investigations
  • corporate communications
  • corporate strategy and development
  • insurance
  • Here are the big five and opportunities available with each of them right now.

    CIBC (Canada Imperial Bank of Commerce)- 300+ jobs available

    Scotiabank600+ jobs available

    TD Canada Trust200+ jobs available

    BMO (Bank of Montreal) – 350+ jobs available

    RBC (Royal Bank of Canada)- 400+ jobs available

    There are also plenty of  wealth management and insurance companies, and smaller banks seeking significant numbers of staff. The Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions lists all of the domestic and foreign banks (86), trust companies (43), loan companies (15), life insurance companies (63), fraternal benefit societies (12), and property and casualty insurance companies (149) that they regulate. The Canadian Credit Union Association lists the 100 biggest credit unions in Canada.

    Jobs in this sector are most often posted on employer’s website, LinkedIn and indeed.  We are not aware of any single website that aggregates vacancies.  You may need to do a bit of hunting to find the type of job you would like to do.  Many candidates choose start in smaller communities to get their foot in the door. Some find the peace, sense of belonging, affordability, slower pace and access to nature ideal and stay. While others go to smaller communities for work opportunities with the aspiration of transferring to a larger city at some point in the future.  

    This sector of the Canadian economy is relatively safe, secure and stable. It could be a good fit for you, if the professions interest you and you have the skills, experience and credentials needed. If you are thinking about future careers and you value security, this could just the sector for you to focus on for long term careers. TalentEgg provides sound information about the entry level jobs opportunities and regional salaries for them, as well as explanations of banking jargon, skills needed and other essential information for understanding careers in this sector. 

    Banking and financial services also welcome mature jobs seekers who want to make a career change. If this is you, do some research about the courses or certifications banks value for the type of job you are interested in pursuing. In the current labour market, employers expect that you will invest in your career yourself and not depend on them for all of the work training that you need to succeed. Stating on your resume and LinkedIn profile that you are currently studying and upgrading in demand knowledge and skills, will help you be a more competitive candidate.

    As always, we wish you all the best with identifying and securing work that will take you to the life that you want!


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