Join 10 Day Sugar Free Challenge From Wherever You May Be

Improve Your Mood, Energy Level,     Disease Resistance, Vitality…

Challenge yourself to reduce or eliminate added sugars from your diet for 10 days and check in with the program along the way.  In this program offered by the Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre you will:

  • Learn which sugars to avoid and why
  • Find healthier alternatives
  • How to balance blood sugar through food
  • Learn how sugar affects cravings, energy and immunity
  • Explore new delicious recipes daily
  • Get support for the duration of the challenge on program’s private Facebook group

For more information about the challenge  email To reserve your spot, please call 1 (416) 924-6211 x0. In order to get your starter kit and invitation to the Facebook group you must provide an email address.

Where: This challenge is online challenge with support via private Facebook group. The Facebook group allows participants to share and support each other with daily posts of recipes, tips and motivation.

When:  January 30 – February 8.

Cost: Free.

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