How To Make Friends With Ambitious People

“When scaling the mighty heights of the career ladder, it makes a lot of sense to have ambitious friends chasing the same kind of dream as you. We’re not suggesting ditching your childhood pals or being a measly social climber, but ambitions friends can provide the emotional and practical support to propel you to the top. Here are 3 simple steps to build important and valuable friendships with new people who will push you forward.How To Make Friends With Ambitious People3

Step #1 – Take Control Of Your Social Life

Unfortunately, your social life is not as simple as it was when you were in the playground. You need to be proactive about cultivating the right kind of friendships. Your new mission: Every week consciously reach out to, make plans and hang out with new people. Evidence shows that your life is directly influenced by the people you hang out with so surround yourself with the right kind of people. People who have qualities and attributes you deem important and valuable. This could be a list like: entrepreneurial, healthy, fit and environmentally conscious.

How To Make Friends With Ambitious PeopleStep #2 – Adopt These Winning Social Habits

This new approach to your social life cannot be a one-time thing, it has to be applied to every aspect of your life.

The first new social habit is to find a way to meet new people every month. A good way to achieve this is to join a club that meets monthly. A club that shares some of your interests or values. This could be networking events, book clubs, creative clubs, travel groups, dance groups, exercise groups or many more.

The second new social habit is to reach out to someone new every week. Decide on a specific day of the week and time to sit down and send out an email, text or phone call. Early in the week is better as people tend to be available. Also make sure you have a specific plan to suggest, an activity that is will be fun for the both of you and forge a lasting friendship.

Step #3 – For Social GroupsHow To Make Friends With Ambitious People

Making friends one by one is very energy and time-consuming and limits your time to reach out to new people. Instead you should focus on forming circles of friends by introducing your new friend to your existing friends and doing group activities together. The idea is that they start to like each other too and start making plans amongst themselves. As you continue to meet and like new people, your friendship circle will grow and flourish with people who share your ambitions and goals.

These three steps are the perfect recipe to surround yourself with ambitious, resourceful friends that will be the support and driving force you need to achieve your goals.”

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