Newcomers Learn to Camp and Fish in Ontario

Ontario Parks Offers Very Affordable Program to Teach Newcomers

How to Camp and Fish

Ontario Parks

According to Parks Ontario these are top 10 reasons to camp @ Ontario Parks

  1. Get out and enjoy the great outdoors
  2. Enjoy an affordable vacation
  3. Spend time with your family
  4. Relax and enjoy a change of pace
  5. Hang out with your friends
  6. Get away from the city
  7. It’s fun to explore a park!
  8. Try something different
  9. Stay active and healthy by taking part in outdoor activities
  10. Camping under the stars is one of 12 activities in the Ontario Children’s Outdoor Charter

Get video view of typical experience and participants.

What do you get for camping?  Most the equipment you need including tents, air mattress and cooking utensils.  You need to bring your own sleeping bag, clothing, toiletries, first aid supplies and food.   All campsites come equipped with hot showers, flush toilets and safe drinking water.

Parks staff will teach you how to use the equipment and understand and enjoy the natural environment you are in.  Having an adventure and making memories could not be easier!

Learn to Fish offers one hour of instruction and one hour of practice with equipment provided.  Check the link program details and locations.   Why not take Learn to Fish while on Learn to Camp?

When: Registration opens May 9 for overnight camping trips that run weekends from June 18 to September 18.  Check the schedule link for details of dates and duration, between 1 and 2 nights. Check rules and policies for registration details.

Where: Campsites are at near lakes with beaches, bike paths, hiking trails, boating facilities and, many have outdoor pools.

Participating parks near the Greater Toronto Area

Participating parks in Southwestern Ontario

  • Selkirk Provincial Park (camping only)

Participating parks in Central Ontario

Cost:  Participate In Camping for Groups of Six

Option Fee per Group
All 1 night / 2 day programs $93.00 + HST
All 2 night / 3 day programs $139.50 + HST
All 3 night/ 4 day programs $180.00 + HST

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