Quality TV Reception for One Time $25 Cost

Purchase a Low Cost HDTV Antenna for High Quality TV Reception


Right now I can reliably access quality reception to the following 22 channels with my HDTV antenna that I paid $20 for.  You can buy them at most places that sell televisions. This photo is the antenna I am using with the quality for reception I get on my TV. The antennas come with set up instructions.  They are pretty straight forward to use: plug them in to your TV’s cable port, adjust the position for optimal reception and follow instructions for loading channels.   I am using a small indoor one like the one pictured, more expensive outdoor ones with give you even more channels.

  • CBC Toronto
  • CTV Toronto
  • CBC French language
  • CTV Barrie
  • Global TV
  • City TV
  • CHCH Hamilton
  • CITS (Christian TV Hamilton)
  • Think TV
  • TVO
  • Get TV
  • PBS Buffalo
  • WIVB Buffalo
  • WNYO (My TV Buffalo)
  • CBS Buffalo
  • ABC Buffalo
  • Bounce
  • Escape
  • LAFF
  • ASN (All Sports News)

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