Assistance with City of Toronto Recreation Facilities

Financial access assistance for arts, camps, fitness, skating. swimming and other recreation amenities is available to low income residents of Toronto. Proof of residence and needs required with the application form.  Details of information and documentation needed are on the above link.  Find program and registration information. Where: find a recreation centre near you.   Information provided is for the greater Toronto area, however similar assistance … Continue reading Assistance with City of Toronto Recreation Facilities

Canstage- Pay What You Can

   The Berkley Theatre   The Bluma Appel Theatre  High Park Amphitheatre Innovation, engagement and pushing boundaries is how this non-for-profit theatre describes itself. Integration of dance, visual arts and music characterize performances at this company’s three venues: The Berkley Theatre, The Bluma Appel Theatre and The High Park Amphitheatre. Where: The Berkley Theatre 26 Berkeley Street The Bluma Appel Theatre, St. Lawrence Centre for … Continue reading Canstage- Pay What You Can